Friends of Star Lake - 2011 Old MIlltown Depot Dedication

The "Friends of Star Lake, Inc." commemorates Star Lake residents, past and present, by embracing Star Lake’s rich history, preserving and restoring historic Star Lake sites, creating Star Lake museums, providing community functions and awarding annual college scholarships to deserving Star Lakers.

In 2005, Will Hintz and Doug & Libby Scott purchased and restored Star Lake’s original 90 year old - one room schoolhouse and converted it in to a gallery/gift shop and museum where people could come and view historic pictures of Star Lake. Libby ran the Old Schoolhouse Gallery and Museum and found other like-minded community members who would like to preserve, protect and restore additional Star Lake historic properties.

In the summer of 2010, several community members joined Libby and Will Hintz and created what we now call - the Friends of Star Lake, Inc. The primary purpose of this group is to preserve what is special about Star Lake: to embrace Star Lake’s rich history, and to preserve, protect and restore historic Star Lake structures.

This same group, now Board members of Friends of Star Lake, approached the Milwaukee Railroad Historical Association that funded the construction of the "Route of the Hiawatha" sign that stood along Highway K during the Hiawatha era. It was at this point that this group of Star Lake residents decided that they should form a non-profit organization and dedicate it to preserving and protecting Star Lake’s rich history.

The Old Milltown Depot now operates as a retail operation during the summer which supports Friends of Star Lake. The replica railroad depot was built and plans are in place to add more to the site in late 2013.

Star Lake is stuck in time.

Star Lake is a quaint community located in the heart of the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest in the upper most part of Wisconsin. The area contains very little private land and thus is protected from encroaching development.

Oddly enough, Star Lake is still much the same today as it was after the Milltown moved out in 1907. The only real differences – the houses and railroad are gone, the trees have grown back and our historic bait shop is closed for business.

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We are thrilled to be able to help preserve Star Lake’s rich history. The Schoolhouse, Bait Shop and Old Milltown Depot have all been labors of love. And, the more we work on these projects, the more excited we become.

Please let us know if you or your family members are interested in helping us fund the Old Milltown Depot or our college scholarship program. The entire Board is incredibly grateful for the community’s support and helping us preserve what is so special about Star Lake.